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Medicare Clients in Florida Now Have Access to Mental Health Services

When a pandemic shut down life as we knew it, many found the forced downtime created the ideal circumstances for self-reflection and personal growth. While gen-z shared their trauma on Tiktok, millennials validated and commiserated with their peers on Twitter. Baby boomers connected on Facebook but found they were sharing in similar barriers to mental health access; where would they find a therapist accepting Medicare?

Although Medicare part B has historically covered mental health services, many therapists do not accept Medicare at their private therapy practices, effectively excluding many adults 65 and over.

Reasons for excluding Medicare range from low reimbursement rates to tedious and often complicated paperwork. Some private therapy practices charge as much as $350 for single 50-minute session, eliminating financial incentive for accepting clients insured by Medicare.

RSL Counseling is committed to serving all of our community members. We recognized this deficit in services to adults 65 and over and decided to do something about it. Expanding access to mental health care helps us all. Ensuring people of all ages are afforded the opportunity to explore their mental and emotional wellness creates a ripple effect in our families and in our world.

We are beyond excited to announce RSL counseling will be accepting Medicare clients, effective immediately. If you or someone you love needs help finding a therapist who accepts Medicare in south Florida, we have you covered! In-person and virtual services are available for Medicare clients looking to finally receive the mental health support and healing they’ve always deserved. Call us today at 754-216-1059 or send us an email at


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